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    Expertly Guided Wildlife Watching Tours & Hikes in Yellowstone & Surrounds

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    Expertly Guided Wildlife Watching Tours & Hikes in Yellowstone & Surrounds

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    Expertly Guided Wildlife Watching Tours & Hikes in Yellowstone & Surrounds

Yellowstone's Winter Wonder

Winter in Yellowstone is epic! The landscape is spectacularly beautiful, especially on cold sunny days when ice crystals linger in the air and on every surface like glitter. Deep, soft snow in the high plateaus forces bison, elk, deer and other animals into the the low valleys, which puts us in more intimate proximity to each other. So many birds (and tourists) have gone to warmer climate. There is silence. We love the winter! Come join us for some of our favorite winter activities: watching wildlife, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Make the most of your visit with a private tour with In Our Nature Guiding Services. We offer exclusive Private Lodging & Tour Packages to make your winter visit extra easy. You can stay in a beautiful home and explore Yellowstone with one of us local wildlife biologists. We will craft our days excursions to your personal interests.

Yellowstone Snowshoe & XC Ski Tours

Come indulge in Yellowstone's winter splendor: explore varied terrain, follow & identify fresh animal tracks, and take in stellar views of Yellowstone's northern range. You can choose from short 2-3 hour trips or longer 5+ hour adventures. We offer full-day XC ski trips into Lamar Valley and NE Yellowstone too. These are available December through March, based on snow conditions.

Watch Yellowstone's Wildlife

Winter in Yellowstone is usually best time to see and hear wolves. It's also considered by many to be the best season for wildlife photography. Part of this is the light and another part is that the deep snow in the high country drives animals down into the valleys and closer to us. See frost on the thick insulating coat of a bison. See how pronghorn glow above the snow. We might be lucky enough to see otters too. Join our biologist guides while they use their expert local ecological knowledge and premium spotting scopes to help you see the wildlife you're interested in. Tours are private and offered year-round.

Private Lodging & Tour Packages

Choose the guided activities and tours you would like to do and stay at Wanderlust Haven, an ideally located, beautiful two bedroom, two bathroom house in Gardiner with amazing views! Wanderlust Haven is only available to In Our Nature clients this winter. We are so excited to get to offer this amazing package to make your visit extra special! Transfers to & from Bozeman or Mammoth can be arranged so that you don't have to drive. Gardiner is a small, walkable village with warm winter hospitality.


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