Yellowstone Wildlife Watching Tours

  • Private Wildlife Tours in Yellowstone

    Expertly Guided Wildlife Watching Tours & Hikes in Yellowstone & Surrounds

  • See & Hear Yellowstone’s Wild Wolves!

    Expertly Guided Wildlife Watching Tours & Hikes in Yellowstone & Surrounds

  • Watch Grizzly Bears, Safely!

    Expertly Guided Wildlife Watching Tours & Hikes in Yellowstone & Surrounds

  • Go Birding in Yellowstone!

    Expertly Guided Wildlife Watching Tours & Hikes in Yellowstone & Surrounds

Wildlife Watching in Yellowstone & Surrounds

In addition to Yellowstone's Geysers and Hot Springs, the park hosts the full diversity of animals that have lived here for centuries. Thanks to it's big, open steppes and grassy valleys, Yellowstone is the best place in the world to watch wild wolves...sometimes interacting with grizzly bears. There's an incredible amount of wildlife here. Bison, elk, pronghorn, deer, moose, bighorn sheep, coyotes, foxes, mountain lions, badgers, otters and nearly 300 species of birds make their home in Yellowstone. Whether you're joining us for a day or a week, our Biologist and Naturalist Guides will use their knowledge and high quality optics to help you see the wildlife that you're interested in seeing. We live locally and know the wildlife and their habitats by heart. We welcome questions and can't wait to share our knowledge with you. Our tours are private, so we can be flexible with our activities. We work with you to ensure that your trip is more than just wildlife observations, it's a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Watch Yellowstone's Wolves and other Wildlife

Meet your guide and head out early, before the crowds, to marvel at Yellowstone's wildlife in Lamar Valley or Hayden Valley. We'll go where we know wolves and grizzly bears have been sighted recently. Let us know if there are other species you are excited to see.
Join our biologist guides while they use their expert local ecological knowledge and premium spotting scopes to help you see the wildlife you're interested in. Tours are private and offered year-round.

Grizzly Bears on the Edge!

Yellowstone National Park is one of the best places in the world to see Grizzly Bears. But what happens when these far-ranging foragers leave the boundary of the park? Take this unique opportunity to watch wild grizzlies on Yellowstone's edge and learn how local ranchers coexist with grizzlies. You'll learn about staying safe in bear country and every trip supports grizzly conservation and coexistence.

Yellowstone Birding Trips

Join us on a private birding excursion with a local biologist as your personal guide. With nearly 300 species of birds, you'll have seasonal opportunities for yellow-headed blackbirds, breeding sandhill cranes, resident American dippers, great gray owls and occasionally pygmy owls, just to name a few.
Yellowstone is a huge place with a diversity of habitats. Using our expert local ecological knowledge and superior optics, we'll maximize your chances of seeing the birds you're interested in. Book your tour now to start adding to your life list!