Guided Hikes in Yellowstone

Guided Hikes in Yellowstone
Guided Hikes at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Mammoth Hot Springs is a beautiful place for a short walk or follow another trail for a longer hike nearby, all close to Gardiner
Encounter Yellowstone's mini fauna along the trail.
Encounter Yellowstone's mini fauna along the trail.
Mammoth Hot Springs is a beautiful place for a short walk or follow another trail for a longer hike nearby, all close to Gardiner
Take in spectacular views on a day hike.

Yellowstone has over 900 miles (1,450 km) of trails in a variety of habitats, from lush pine forests to stark thermal basins, from steep mountain treks to casual strolls along boardwalks. Take a closer look by getting off the beaten path and onto a trail.

We customize your half-day (up to 5 hours) or full-day (up to 8 hours) Yellowstone privately guided hike according to your preferences, abilities, time of year, weather, and trail conditions. In addition to guiding expertise, your guide will bring delicious snacks (on half-day hikes) or lunch (on full-day hikes), bear spray, binoculars and a few field guides.

Our guides carry bear spray and are trained in trail safety in bear country. We take grizzly bears seriously!

Tours can be adapted to accommodate all ages and abilities. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have specific needs.

When booking a hike, please specify the level of difficulty you prefer. Remember! Yellowstone is in the Rocky Mountains. The minimum starting elevation will be about 6000 feet above sea level, and we go up from there.

  • ● Easy: Gentle and mostly flat terrain, with minimal elevation gain. May include boardwalks or stairs.
  • ● Moderate: Trails that include sections of rocky terrain or sections and other obstacles with up to 700 feet elevation gain.
  • ● Moderately Strenuous: Uneven rocky terrain and other obstacles with up to 1000 feet elevation gain.
  • ● Strenuous: Steeper, rocky terrain, possibly off trail, with steep inclines and possibly over 1000 feet in elevation gain


Trailhead Areas

Half Day Hike (up to 5 hrs)

Full Day Hike (up to 8 hrs)

North Entrance: Mammoth Area$400 (+ $20/person)$550 (+ $30/person)
Tower-Roosevelt or Norris Areas$475 (+ $20/person)$625 (+ $30/person)
Canyon, Lamar Valley, Hayden Valley, or Madison Areas$525 (+ $20/person)$675 (+ $30/person)

Yellowstone Day Hikes with Llamas (June-September)

A day hike with llamas is a great way to enjoy the wild outdoors. We work with experienced llama handler Susi from Yellowstone Llamas, who can answer all of your questions about the llamas. You will also have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of Yellowstone National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, its wildlife, history, and geology from your In Our Nature trail guide. Our treks are suitable for families with young children, as well as adults of any age. 

As part of our commitment to the community, we participate in llama rescue efforts and charity events with Llamas4Llove. Please join us!


$250 per person based on a minimum of 4 participants. Please contact us for smaller parties.

Rate incudes picnic lunch, beverages, and llamas!

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Book using the form below or contact us at 406-579-3838 or for more information.

Be Prepared!

Our guides are fully vaccinated. To reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread and keep everyone safe during our trips, the National Park Service requires that masks be worn at all times when you are inside the vehicle with your guide. If you would prefer to follow your guide in your own vehicle, we can supply walkie talkies to accommodate you.

Please remember to bring clothing layers! It is not uncommon to have 60 degree (F) temperature changes in one day. In the winter, that could mean a change from -20 to +40 degrees (F). In summer, we could start the morning below freezing, and end the day in short sleeves. Be prepared!

Yellowstone has a dry, high-elevation climate, where it is difficult to stay hydrated at any time of year. It is important to drink lots of water in this environment. Be sure to have a water bottle with you. We provide water for refills in the field.

Park entrance fees are not included. Entrance fees are $20 per person or $35 per family, and are good for one week. Annual passes are also available. Please see Yellowstone's website: or a park entrance kiosk for more information.

We strive to make tours in Yellowstone National Park accessible to all. We are happy to help you navigate the obstacles that will be encountered in the remote wilderness nature of this special place. If you are considering a tour and have specific needs, please let us know. We have experience guiding wheelchair users and others with a variety of needs. For more information about accessibility in Yellowstone, please see the Yellowstone National Park website at the following link:

Gratuity is not included.

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