Yellowstone Geology Tours

Visit Yellowstone's Hottest Geothermal Sites with an Expert Guide

Yellowstone is one of the largest volcanoes in the world, with a chamber of partially molten magma underneath which causes all of the fanciful thermal activity in the park. There is no other place like this on earth! It truly is a Wonderland.

Visit several famous features including Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, and other geysers, hot springs, and fumaroles. Learn about the Yellowstone volcano and how the thermal features work.

Tour Details

● All tours are private. It will just be you and your guide.

● Geology tours depart Gardiner at 7:00am, or we can meet you at Norris Geyser Basin or Madison Junction at 8:00am.

● Your guide will drive you in a comfortable SUV or minivan.

● We will spend approximately 5-6 hours exploring the thermal basins. If your tour starts from Gardiner, tours will last approximately 8 hours to allow for the hour and a half one-way drive to the southern part of the park. Tours starting in Norris or Madison will be shorter.

● Lunch, hot drinks, and water refills are included. Please bring your own water bottle.

● Visiting the geyser basins usually involves a good deal of walking on boardwalks, but can include trail walking as well. Please let us know if you prefer to stick to only ADA accessible paths.

● Tours can be adapted to accommodate all ages and abilities. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have specific needs.

● Price is $650 for one person and $60 per additional person. For groups larger than 6, please contact us directly.

● Park entrance fees are not included. Entrance fees are $20 per person or $35 per family, and are good for one week. Annual passes are also available. Please see Yellowstone's website: or a park entrance kiosk for more information.

● Gratuity is not included.


We strive to make tours in Yellowstone National Park accessible to all. We are happy to help you navigate the obstacles that will be encountered in the remote wilderness nature of this special place. If you are considering a tour and have specific needs, please let us know. We have experience guiding wheelchair users and others with a variety of needs. For more information about accessibility in Yellowstone, please see the Yellowstone National Park website at the following link:

Be Prepared!

Please remember to bring clothing layers! It is not uncommon to have 60 degree (F) temperature changes in one day. Even in summer, we could start the morning below freezing, and end the day in short sleeves.

Yellowstone has a dry, high-elevation climate, where it is difficult to stay hydrated at any time of year. It is important to drink lots of water in this environment. Be sure to have a water bottle with you. We provide water for refills in the field.

Check Availability and Book Now!

Seasonal availability: April 15 to November 6, 2022, per Yellowstone's road opening schedule. 

Book using the form below or contact us at 406-579-3838 or for more information.