Wolf & Wildlife Tour in Yellowstone

Wolf & Wildlife Tours

Yellowstone Wolf Tours: Discover Wolves & Wildlife

Experience an unforgettable private wolf and wildlife tour through Yellowstone National Park with our expert biologists as your personal guide. You’ll see not only the park's majestic wolves, but also an array of other fascinating creatures, from grizzly bears and elk to bison and birds of prey.

Our local guides are biologists, making them intimately familiar with Yellowstone's wolf and wildlife patterns. Their expertise maximizes your chances of encountering the animals you most want to see. Plus, you’ll learn fascinating insights about Yellowstone's natural history, ecology, scientific studies, and conservation efforts.

You’ll get the best of both worlds exploring Yellowstone: riding comfortably in our tour vehicle and, if your group is interested, taking brief trail walks.

Sample Wolf & Wildlife Tour Itinerary

Our 6–8 hour tours are private and accommodate 1–6 guests, ensuring a personalized experience. Explore diverse landscapes comfortably in our vehicle, with the option to take short hikes for a closer look.

Your private wildlife watching excursion begins just before sunrise. Thus, start times vary by month. Here’s a sample itinerary:


Early Rise & Prime Viewing: We’ll meet you bright and early (around 30 minutes before sunrise) to capitalize on the cooler temperatures and increased wildlife activity.

Lamar Valley & Hayden Valley Exploration: Our comfortable tour vehicle will take us to Lamar Valley or Hayden Valley, renowned for abundant wildlife. Your expert guide will strategically navigate these areas, keeping a keen eye out for wolves, bison, elk, bears, and other animals.

Spotting Scope Spectacle: Throughout the morning, we’ll utilize high-quality Swarovski and Vortex spotting scopes and binoculars to get a closer look at wildlife, allowing you to observe their behavior and capture stunning photos (from a safe distance, of course!).

Your guide will have coffee, tea and hot chocolate for you; as well as some baked goods to keep you going through the morning.


Scenic Stop & Brunch Break: We’ll find a picturesque Yellowstone spot to enjoy a delicious and refreshing brunch picnic. In winter, we typically eat lunch indoors at a favorite local café—our treat!.


Shifting Focus & Diverse Landscapes: The afternoon can involve exploring different areas of the park based on potential wildlife sightings and your interests. We may visit features like Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon or Mammoth Hot Springs, or venture towards quieter locations where shy animals like foxes or marmots are often spotted.

Short Hikes for a Closer Look: Depending on your group’s preferences and physical abilities, we may incorporate short hikes on designated trails to get a closer look at specific features or wildlife habitats.

Wrap-Up & Return Journey: As the day winds down, we’ll head back to our meeting location, recapping our exciting encounters and sharing any photos captured during the tour. Please note: This is a sample itinerary and may vary depending on seasonal conditions, wildlife activity, and group preferences. Although not guaranteed, we have extremely high success rates seeing wolves and grizzlies in Yellowstone.

Meeting Locations & Start Times

Gardiner MT or Mammoth WY - Year-round access
Choose this option if your are staying in Gardiner, Emigrant, Pray, Paradise Valley, Livingston.
Departure: 30 mins before sunrise.
Duration: 7 to 8 hours.

Tower Junction - May to October
Best meeting location for those coming from Canyon or Cooke City/Silver Gate.
Departure time: dawn.
Duration: 6 to 7 hours.

Norris Geyser Basin - May to October
Best meeting place for those coming from West Yellowstone, Madison, Old Faithful.
Departure time: dawn.
Duration: 6 to 7 hours.

Canyon Visitor Center - May to October
Use this meeting location if you are coming from Canyon Village, Lake or Grant.
Departure time: 30 minutes after dawn.
Duration: 5 to 6 hours.

Private Tour Pricing

$780 per day including 1 person+ $70 per additional person

1 guest: $780
2 guests: $850
3 guests: $920
4 guests: $990
5 guests: $1,060
6 guests: $1,130

What's Not Included

Gratuity National Park entrance fees: $20/person Weekly, annual, veteran, 4th grader & senior passes also accepted.

Payment Options

We will gladly accept online payment by credit card or by check if mailed in advance.

Have a Question?

Check our our FAQs below. Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tour Pricing

Yellowstone Wolf & Wildlife Watching
including one guest
  • + $70 per person after the first
  • All tours are private
  • Transportation included
  • Please contact us directly for groups larger than 6
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What’s Included in Your Wolf & Wildlife Tour

Our tours are family-friendly and adaptable to all ages and abilities. We can customize the pace and itinerary to suit your interests and comfort level. When you book, please let us know the age of anyone under 18, your activity level preference and any physical limitations, and any dietary exclusions for your group members.

Here’s what’s included in the Wolf & Wildlife Tour:

Private Yellowstone Exploration

Your personalized tour ranges from 6–8 hours and can include 1–6 guests, ensuring an immersive and comfortable experience. We’ll venture to specific areas and landscapes in Yellowstone frequented by wolves and other wildlife.

Comfortable Vehicle

Yellowstone wildlife watching is most successful from viewpoints, overlooks and short trails. Driving helps us cover many miles, so we can see more of the animals you're interested in.

Optional Hikes

Short hikes and trail walks can be included upon request.

Biologist Guide

Our expert local biologist and naturalists guides use their ecological knowledge to help you see and learn about the wildlife you are interested in. They'll teach you about many incredible aspects of Yellowstone and help you stay safe while you go wild!

Amazing Optics

Plenty of high-quality scopes and binoculars are provided, so you won't miss out on the action!

Brunch Picnic

Brunch, hot drinks, and water refills are included. Please bring your own water bottle.

What to Bring on Your Wolf & Wildlife Tour

Here’s what to bring to make your Yellowstone experience even more comfortable:

Warm Clothing & Layers

The weather in Yellowstone varies A LOT! We can have 60 degree (F) temperature changes in a day. Bring clothing layers, even if the forecast looks warm. It is always a good idea to bring a light rain jacket and gloves to Yellowstone. In winter, you'll really need to bundle up!

Cameras & Viewing/Recording Devices (optional)

Bring a camera with a zoom lens (ideally 200mm or higher) for capturing wildlife from a safe distance. A camera with a good zoom will allow you to get spectacular shots of the incredible animals you encounter.
You’re welcome to bring any additional viewing or recording devices as well.

Comfortable Shoes

Sturdy, closed-toe sneakers or hiking boots are recommended for walking on uneven terrain and providing ankle support during optional short hikes. Water proof shoes are highly recommended in spring and fall. Insulated snow boots are crucial in winter.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Pack sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) and sunglasses to shield yourself from Yellowstone's strong UV rays throughout the day. The weather may not feel hot, but you can easily get sunburned.

Water Bottles

Yellowstone has a dry, high-elevation climate. BYO water bottle and drink plenty of water to have your best day. We provide water for refills in the field.

Reviews - Wolf & Wildlife Tour

Cara runs a first-class private tour experience. Our Yellowstone wolf tour was absolutely incredible. We saw so many animals: wolves, moose, elk, bison, deer, owls, a coyote, a fox, and a mountain lion eating a mountain goat it had killed. It was an unbelievable wildlife tour full of fascinating information from Cara about Yellowstone, the animals and the entire ecosystem. Even if you've seen Yellowstone, you haven't seen it until you've toured it with In Our Nature!
Amy F
March 2024
Cara and her team (Hannah, Elizabeth and Travis) at In Our Nature were fantastic guides! We spent 5 glorious days in January with them and saw more wildlife than we ever expected including wolves, moose, mt. lion, big horn sheep, mt. goats, eagles and a great grey owl. Their knowledge about flora, fauna, history and geology is amazing - and spotting skills are phenomenal. Highly recommended…
Bryan C
February 2024
My husband, son and I thoroughly enjoyed our wildlife watching tour with Hannah in January 2024. We spent almost the entire day with Hannah and not only is she an extraordinary guide, she is comfortable to be around and she is so knowledgeable. We saw bison, wolves, coyotes, American dippers, white tail deer and a very busy beaver. Hannah knew how to spot them all, and more. We learned so much about the park wildlife -- past and present -- and it was an amazing experience. We highly recommend Hannah and In Our Nature.
Julia M
January 2024
We did a wildlife tour with Hannah in late December. She was absolutely amazing. Our daughter is a biology/ecology major, and Hannah was a fantastic source of information (she is basically living our daughter’s dream here). We saw bison, coyote, fox, moose, bighorn sheep, elk, mountain goats, mule deer, and many bird species. The sky was beautiful, the scenery majestic, and the wildlife amazing. Even though the wolves didn’t make an appearance, it was a pretty perfect day.
December 2022
Cara is truly a gem. She customize her tour based on my interests and I got to see so many amazing sights. She was kind and funny and extremely knowledgeable. She somehow knew were all the wildlife was hiding. I had a great time and would not have enjoyed Yellowstone as much if it wasn't for her!
Julien F
September 2021

Your Tour Questions Answered

When is the best time of year to see wolves?

We see wolves nearly everyday, year-round. Winter (November–March) is generally the best season to see them. The heat of the summer (July and August) has the most limited viewing opportunities, because wolves tend to bed down or go into the forest as the day warms up.

Sometimes our viewing opportunity is short, so we move with expediency in the morning. Often, the wolves are 500 yards or more away, so we bring the highest quality spotting scopes to make distant wildlife seem right up close. We find that scope quality makes a huge difference!

What other wildlife can we expect to see?

Tour guest often see a variety of Yellowstone's wildlife, including:

Ungulates: Bison, elk, moose, mule deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn

Other large mammals: Coyotes, foxes, grizzly bears, black bears, and mountain lions.

Birds: Bald eagles, ospreys, hawks, owls, a variety of songbirds, and waterfowl (depending on the season).

While seeing specific animals cannot be guaranteed, your experienced guide will navigate areas with high concentrations of wildlife and utilize their knowledge to maximize your chances of encountering a variety of these incredible creatures.

Are bathroom facilities available during the tour?

Restrooms are available at designated locations throughout Yellowstone National Park. Your guide will factor in comfort breaks when planning the tour route and ensure stops at areas with restroom facilities.

How long is the wolf and wildlife tour?

Wolf & Wildlife Tours typically last 6-8 hours. This provides ample time to explore diverse regions within the park, strategically searching for wildlife and increasing your chances of observing various species.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel more than 30 days before your trip date, you will receive a full refund minus a 10% credit card and processing fee. If it is 5 to 29 days before your trip date, then you will receive a 50% refund.

Refunds are usually not provided within 5 days of your booking, but please contact me if exceptional circumstances are keeping you from your tour. I will worry if you just don't show up and I may be able to make alternative arrangements.

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