Breakfast, Bears & Coexistence – Outside Yellowstone

Breakfast & Bears - Paradise Valley

Yellowstone Wildlife Tour Without the Crowds

Experience a private Yellowstone wildlife tour unlike any other! Witness grizzly bears feasting in their natural habitat, away from the park crowds and busy roads.

This unique tour takes place in Gallatin National Forest, just outside of Yellowstone National Park, in an area where mountains and ranch lands meet.

On this tour, we regularly see other magnificent animals like moose, deer, elk, coyotes, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, a diversity of birds, and more, all from a safe distance with expert guidance from our biologist guides.

Want to delve deeper into the heart of the Yellowstone ecosystem and get a little exercise? Choose our tour package that includes a hike, allowing you to explore this spectacular area on foot. This unforgettable experience will bring you even closer to breathtaking scenery, unique geology and diverse wildlife.

Sample Yellowstone Wildlife Tour Itinerary

Early Morning

Departure: Your guide will pick you up at your lodging in Gardiner or Paradise Valley before sunrise to arrive during the bears’ prime activity time.

Grizzly Feast & Education: Watch grizzlies—from a safe and respectful distance—as they feast on caraway, a favorite breakfast food! Learn about grizzly bear behavior, diet, and importance to the ecosystem.

Our expert guides will share fascinating facts and discussions about grizzly bear ecology and conservation efforts. We will have thought-provoking discussions about the challenges and strategies used by local people who live and work in grizzly habitat. We’ll also talk about ways to keep ourselves and bears safe while recreating in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Mid Morning

We will travel deeper into Paradise Valley, searching for a variety of wildlife, particularly moose, deer and elk. We’ll make a comfort stop at the national forest campground where we will enjoy a delicious picnic breakfast at a safe distance from bears. For those who have chosen a shorter duration visit, we will head back to your lodging after breakfast, returning about 5 hours from when we started.


Optional Landscape Exploration: Add an optional hike to explore the stunning landscape and geology of the area. We’ll talk about the geologic events that shaped the landscape and preserved forests in petrified trees.

Learn about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the diverse wildlife that calls it home. Enjoy breathtaking views of mountains and ranch lands. With this option included, your day with us will be about 8 hours in total.

Private Tour Pricing

$650 per day including 1 person
$60 per additional person

Optional Hike: $130 extra

Did You Know?

This trip is made possible through our relationships with local ranchers and authorization from the Gallatin National Forest.

Payment Options

We will gladly accept online payment by credit card or by check if mailed in advance.

Have a Question?

Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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What's Included in Your Yellowstone Wildlife Tour

Expert Biologist Guides

Our knowledgeable biologists will ensure your safety and share their passion for Yellowstone's wildlife.

Educational Discussions

Our guides will lead discussions about wildlife, conservation efforts, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Delicious Picnic Breakfast

Fuel your adventure with a tasty breakfast and hot drinks (don't forget your water bottle!).

High-Quality Scopes

Get incredible close-up views of wildlife from a safe distance with our Swarovski and Vortex spotting scopes.


We provide binoculars for everyone in the group.

Bear Spray Safety Training

Learn proper bear spray techniques to stay safe in Yellowstone’s grizzly and black bear habitat. Your guide will bring bear spray.

What to Bring on Your Wildlife Tour

Layered Clothing

Dress for Yellowstone's unpredictable weather (even in the summer) with layers like jackets, thermals, fleece, and a waterproof shell.


Capture unforgettable memories! Bring a camera with a good zoom lens (ideally 200mm or higher) and a spacious memory card.


Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. Approximately 10% is customary for excellent service.

Hat & Sunglasses

UV rays are intense at Yellowstone’s high elevations, and you can get badly sunburned even when you don’t feel hot. Pack sun-protective clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen (SPF 30+).

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Choose sturdy shoes or boots with good traction that can handle uneven terrain. Ankle support is recommended, especially if you take the optional hike.

Please Do Not

Bring firearms Smoke Wear Fragrance

Meeting Locations & Start Times

Gardiner MT
Departure: 45 mins before sunrise (between 5:00 AM and 6:15 AM).
Emigrant, Pray, Chico or Sage Lodge
Departure time: 30 minutes before dawn (5:15 AM to 6:30 AM).

Tour Pricing

Breakfast & Bears
including one guest
  • + $60 per person
  • Duration: 5-6 hours
  • All tours are private
  • Transportation included
  • Please contact us directly for groups larger than 6
Breakfast & Bears + Hike
including one guest
  • + $60 per person
  • Duration: 7-8 hours
  • All tours are private
  • Transportation included
  • Please contact us directly for groups larger than 6

Part of the proceeds from this tour will be donated to the Tom Miner Basin Association


Thank you Cara for making this day with you the highlight of our trip. Despite the rain (and a little snow!) - we were amazed at your ability to spot wildlife - some just a speck in the distance - amazing! Your scopes and equipment allowed us to see up close grizzlies, elk, coyotes, moose...for Boston folks we were just in awe of you! I seriously cannot more highly recommend this wildlife tour.
Sheila A.
October 2020
We spent the day with Cara and it was easliy the best day of our 5-day trip. We got to watch a grizzly eat an elk that had been drowned by a bear 5 days before. And then a second bear tried to approach but that was a no go for the first bear. It was nature at its best and we got to witness it. Totally unforgettable. Cara's equipment was indispensable (images so sharp and clear!) in helping us to see this up close and personal. We also saw tons of elk. And lots of other birds, ducks, etc. But definitely the highlight was that bear sighting. Totally worth the money. Thanks Cara!
September 2020
From the moment I contacted Cara, I knew I chose the right person to book a tour with. Cara is a biologist, communicative, knowledgable, and easy to work with. I requested a call to discuss the tour and options before committing considering that my group would be large - 10 people. Cara was happy to do so. When we spoke, she gave me an overview of what she offers and explained the need for two guides, how the tour would look and the cost. She asked what animals we hoped to see so that she would have an idea of how to frame the tour. I was sold and booked a full day wildlife/nature tour. On the day off, we met at Zero Dark Thirty because as Cara said "that's when the animal are up". We met at 05:30 hours and Cara and her fellow biologist Garret. Cara had coffee, tea, hot chocolate for us. Nice touch. She provided two-way radios to communicate while we drove. It worked excellent, we didn't get separated, and Cara and Garret gave information about Yellowstone and the animals, as well as a little trivia as we drove to each location. Once we made it to a location, Cara and Garret set up high powered spotting scopes to view the wildlife. We were lucky to see a grizzly bears, elk, bald eagles, mountain goats, and more. Cara even grabbed photos and videos which she emailed to me. After lunch, Garret did a bear safety training and we were off on the nature hike. The hike was great, but be prepared for a good workout - you will see some inclines! Also, as wear layers. Cara will tell you this. It's chilly in the morning and will warm up as the day progresses. We all learned a ton from Cara and Garret. They love questions and answered them all for us. My next trip to Paradise Valley, I will be calling Cara again for sure.
August 2020
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Wildlife Tour FAQs

How likely are we to see grizzly bears on this tour?

We have a proven track record of spotting grizzly bears in their natural habitat. Our tours take place in an area where these magnificent creatures are known to frequent, and our experienced guides will guide you to the best viewing spots while maintaining a safe distance.

Is this tour suitable for children?

Yes! Our wildlife tours are family-friendly and can be adapted to accommodate all ages and abilities. We can adjust the pace of the tour and choose trails suitable for everyone in your group.
Let us know if you have any young children joining the tour when you book. For safety reasons, young children will need to be supervised at all times.

What other special animals can I expect to see?

Birds! Birding in this area is incredible, with mature stands of aspens; complex, mature riparian willows; forests and meadows. These diverse habitats support more than 75 bird species including sandhill cranes, bald and golden eagles, kestrels, northern flickers, meadowlarks, mountain bluebirds and spotted nighthawks.

Is there a restroom facility available during the tour?

We will include restroom breaks whenever possible, and our guides are familiar with the locations of restrooms on every tour.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancel more than 30 days before your trip date to get a full refund minus a 10% credit card and processing fee. Cancel 5-29 days before your trip date to get a 50% refund. We typically do not issue refunds if you cancel within 5 days of your booked tour. However, please contact us if exceptional circumstances keep you from attending as we may be able to make alternative arrangements.

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