Meet Your Guides

Cara McGary

Owner, Biologist Guide - On a winter visit to Yellowstone, Cara was smitten by the wonder of this "American Serengeti". As a result, she decided that she wanted to spend her life helping others develop and feed their fascinations with the natural world in Yellowstone. Cara is a qualified biologist (B.S. Aquatic Biology and M.S. Biology). Before settling in Gardiner MT, she worked extensively in the forests of Redwood National Park, the outback of Western Australia, and the jungles of Papua New Guinea. When not in Yellowstone, she likes to explore places where there are likely good tidepools or snorkeling.

Ben Buescher

Naturalist Guide - Ben developed his passion for wildlife as an educator for the Saint Louis Zoo. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he found opportunities to study in South Africa, Baja California, and the Rocky Mountains. At CSU, he worked as a technician for an acoustic ecology lab where his love for communicating and weaving together the stories of ecosystems blossomed. After graduating, he spent a year as a park ranger and educator for the national wildlife refuge system in Kauai. Now back on the mainland, Ben enjoys using his background in conservation biology and environmental education to share the world-renowned wonders of Yellowstone with our guests.

Elizabeth Mordensky

Naturalist Guide - Elizabeth has two main passions in life: Art and the Outdoors.
Naturally these two loves have come together, driving her to create art that might inspire others to appreciate our wild animals and wild spaces. Through vibrantly textured oil finger paintings, she brings energy and life into her wildlife compositions, encouraging viewers to take a second look. She wants the viewer to feel connected to the animals, as if they were standing there before them, as she has done so many times.

Hannah Beroske

Biologist Guide - After earning her bachelor’s degree in wildlife sciences, Hannah quickly ventured west to Yellowstone National Park where the wildlife is abundant. She fell in love with the Park’s natural wonders and surrounding forests. With 5 years’ experience as a wildlife research technician, she has worked with many animals such as wolves, cougars, birds, and more. She spends most of her time exploring and appreciating everything that nature has to offer. Hannah finds joy in sharing her passions with guests and hopes to facilitate a memorable experience and inspire action. She is especially eager to work with young minds that are ready to learn and have fun!

Kody Marr

Snow Guide - Kody first visited Gradiner, MT back in 2016 while on a 10-day backcountry fly fishing adventure and once he laid eyes on this stunning small town he was hooked, he moved out of his home state of Colorado the following summer and hasn't left since. Kody learned to ski about the same time he was potty trained as he grew up in a ski bum family with his mom being a member of the US Ski Team through his childhood. He now spends his time guiding fly fishing trips during the summer months and guiding over snow activities during the winter months. When Kody isn't in the field you may find him scouting the local mountains for wildlife or traveling the Rockies looking for exotic trout species.