Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer? Day trips in Yellowstone for wildlife watching, hiking, or custom trips based on your preferences.

What can I generally expect my day to be like? Please see the Trip Details page of our website.

What do the services cost? All trips are base priced for 1 to 4 people. Each additional person is a little extra as indicated in parenthesis.

  • Wildlife Watching is $550 in guide’s vehicle or $475 in client’s vehicle with guide driving ($40 per extra person) and include morning snacks, hot drinks and brunch or lunch; use of Swarovski scopes and binoculars.
  • Full Day Hikes are $400 ($20 per extra person) and include lunch and use of binoculars.
  • Half Day Hikes are $300 ($15 per extra person) and include hiking snacks and use of binoculars.
  • ALL trips that originate somewhere other than Gardiner or Mammoth have an ADDITIONAL guide travel fee as follows: $50 for Tower or Lamar and $75 for Canyon. I cannot meet clients at Norris, Madison, Old Faithful, West, Fishing Bridge, Cooke City/Silver Gate, Emigrant, Livingston or Bozeman.

How long are the trips? Wildlife watching and full day hikes are approximately 8 hours from pick up to drop off but can be shorter or longer depending on client preference and energy, how easily and quickly we reach our wildlife or hiking goals, traffic etc.

Are these trips suitable for children? Yes children of all ages are welcome. The child will need adult supervision and/or be able to follow verbal instructions and be competent to manage their personal safety. The guide cannot be responsible for supervising children while performing all of her other duties, but you and the guide can work as a team to ensure the day is safe and enjoyable for everyone. It is expected that younger children will need flexibility in the day’s activities. As the trips are private, we can be very adaptable. If there is anything that you think requires preparation before the trip, please include it in the booking form (allergies, sensitivities, activity levels, phobias etc.). On the trip, feel free to discuss your group’s needs as the day goes.

What is provided? In addition to guiding expertise, I will bring  a delicious variety of food (breakfast and late morning snacks for wildlife watching or lunch for hikes); hot and cold beverages, high quality spotting scopes; binoculars and a few field guides. You will be asked to sign a National Park standard Acknowledgement of Risk form on the day of your trip.

What does the client need to bring? Please remember to bring: your own water bottle (to reduce waste); warm layers for cool morning temperatures, including a rain/wind proof jacket and closed footwear with slip-resistant soles; hat and sunscreen; insect repellent; your camera, and whatever other viewing or recording devices you like to use in addition to those provided (high quality spotting scopes (Swarovski) and binoculars). For liability reasons, firearms are not allowed on our tours. Hydration is key to enjoying Yellowstone! It is high and dry all year long. Expect to drink at least 3 LITERS OF WATER per day!  I know it seems like a lot, but using our gross pit toilets is much better than headaches, bloody noses, fatigue and dizziness that most people experience in our high dry altitude. If you are going on a hike, please plan to carry your own water. I can carry our food but cannot carry everyone’s water. Since it is high here, you will also get exposed to more UV. Wear sunscreen, seriously!

What is the maximum group size? The maximum group size is 15 but I can be somewhat flexible or could double up with another guide for larger groups. If the number of passengers exceeds 10, the guide cannot drive.

What is the cancellation policy? If you cancel more than 30 days before your trip date, you will receive a full refund minus a $50 processing fee. If it is 5 to 29 days before your trip date, then you will receive a 50% refund. Refunds are usually not provided within 5 days of your booking, but please contact me if exceptional circumstances are keeping you from your tour. I will worry if you just don’t show up! I may be able to make alternative arrangements. A full refund will apply, less the $50 processing fee, if I am able to re-book your date. 

Can clients join with other groups? While I have no opposition to this, I have never been successful in finding two or more separate groups who are departing from the same area and want to do the same level of activity on the same day. If you can find people who would like to join your trip, you are most welcome to invite them along and sort out the price split among yourselves. Make sure that you tell the guide at least one day in advance if additional people will be coming on the trip so that adequate food and supplies are provided on the day. If the total number of people exceeds 4, please bring the extra person fee in cash on the day of the trip.

What is a good place to stay or eat in Gardiner? What other activities can I do in that area? Here is my suggestions page for eating staying and playing in Gardiner: The chamber of commerce page is also a stellar resource.

What about camping near Gardiner? There are a few RV campsites with hookups in town. They are a great option for those with RVs or those looking to be real close to town. For those looking for a more traditional (and cheap) camping option, this is a good link The North Yellowstone Lodge and Hostel also may have camping and it is the best deal that I know because you can be right on the river and also use their shower and toilet block. Yellowstone Destinations at Corwin Springs also has camping.