Custom Yellowstone Tours

Spotting wolves on a Yellowstone custom day tour
Come see the treasures of spring on a custom tour developed for a specific time of year
Want to watch bears in the morning and go for a short hike in the afternoon? Take a custom tour!

Are you looking for something a little different? We’re happy to oblige! Contact us to discuss Custom Yellowstone Tour options. For example:

  • ● Do you want to search for wildlife in the early morning, and then go for a short hike?
  • ● Would you like to see the variety of landscapes that Yellowstone has to offer?
  • ● Would you like to learn more about the geology of Yellowstone and the super volcano?
  • ● Are you interested in birds or wildflowers or pika?
  • ● Would you like to go out on multiple days?

Yellowstone encompasses 2.2 million acres. It’s impossible to see everything this park has to offer in one day. Book additional days on your Yellowstone custom tour for a 10% discount on your second and subsequent days.

Let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll design a private, custom program just for you!


Be Prepared!

To reduce mutual risk of Covid-19 spread and keep everyone safe during our trips, masks will be required at all times if you are inside the vehicle with your guide. In the field, masks are required when you are within 6 feet of your guide or other park visitors.  If you would prefer to follow your guide in your own vehicle, we can supply walkie talkies to accommodate.

Please remember to bring clothing layers! It is not uncommon to have 60 degree (F) temperature changes in one day. In the winter, that could mean a change from -20 to +40 degrees (F). In summer, we could start the morning below freezing, and end the day in short sleeves. Be prepared!

Yellowstone has dry, high-elevation climate, where it is difficult to stay hydrated at any time of year. It is important to drink lots of water in this environment.

Park entrance fees are not included. Entrance fees are $20 per person or $35 per family, and are good for one week. Annual passes are also available. Please see Yellowstone's website: or a park entrance kiosk for more information.

Gratuity is not included.


In Our Nature Guiding Services is happy to help all visitors navigate the obstacles that will be encountered in Yellowstone because of the remote, wilderness nature of this special place. We strive to make tours in Yellowstone National Park accessible to all. If you are considering a tour and have specific needs, please contact us so that we can discuss. We have experience guiding wheelchair users and a variety of other disabilities.  For more information about accessibility in Yellowstone, please see the Yellowstone National Park website at the following link:

Traveling with your service or companion dog? We can adapt many of our Yellowstone trips so that your well behaved, vaccinated dog can come along.