Backpacking and Overnight Hikes in Yellowstone’s Backcountry

Are you keen to leave the roads, get off the beaten path and enjoy the real Yellowstone? Getting into Yellowstone’s backcountry is an unforgettable experience. We offer fully custom backpacking and overnight hikes throughout Yellowstone with a wide variety of options of varying duration and difficulty. Check out the options below if you need inspiration or if you’ve already got an idea of what you want, contact us today and we’ll set it up.

Short and Sweet Overnighters in the Backcountry

Short, beautiful, easy overnight hikes – great for those short on time, or who want to introduce their shorter people (aka children) to the joys of camping under the stars. ​

Classic Backcountry Treks

Moderate and longer routes that fully immerse you in the wonder of Yellowstone’s splendor – choose routes with hot springs, water falls, abundant wildlife, peaceful lakes or mountain scenery.

Our favorites include

  • Bechler’s Waterfalls and Hot Springs (moderate-easy 4 to 5 days)
  • Black Canyon of the Yellowstone (moderate 2-3 days)
  • Pebble – Slough Creek (moderate 2-3 days)
  • Heart Lake (and Mt Sheridan) (moderate – easy 2 – 4 days)

Cabin-based hikes in the Beartooth Wilderness

If you hiking and being in far from the maddening crowds but don’t fancy sleeping on the ground with bears all around, we also have an incredible cabin-based option for hiking in the Beartooth wilderness adjacent to Yellowstone in such stunning landscapes few will speak of them. The cabin can sleep up to 12 people. Hiking conditions are best after July 1st, once the snow has melted at this higher elevation.


There’s a nearly infinite number of other options…


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