Year-round Private Tours of Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is the world's first national park, with 2.2 million acres (1 million ha) of incredible wilderness, abundant wildlife, geothermal wonders, and fascinating history. There is no better way to make the most of your visit than by seeing Yellowstone on a private tour guided by Cara McGary a local wildlife biologist. Whether you are here for a few days or the whole month, let me make this your best day in the park! Choose from year-round wildlife watching day trips, hikes, custom adventures and transportation for hikers.

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In Our Nature Guiding Services LLC is an Authorized Permittee of Yellowstone National Park

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On a winter visit to Yellowstone, Cara McGary was smitten by the wonder of this 'American Serengeti'. She wanted to help others to develop an appreciation of this wild place. She has worked as a naturalist guide leading private groups on customized trips ever since. She genuinely enjoys helping others develop and feed their fascinations in the natural world.

Cara is a qualified biologist (B.S. Aquatic Biology, M.S. Biology) with over twelve years of experience working in ecology and wildlife biology. She has worked extensively in Redwood National Park in Northern California, the outback of Western Australia, and the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

When not working, she can usually be found watching wildlife dramas unfold from the lens of a scope, hiking among wildflowers, or enjoying long vistas from a mountain top. In the winter, she sometimes migrates south to support scientific research with the US Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station. This winter she is building her own home outside Gardiner, MT.

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Entrance Fees

Entrance into Yellowstone National Park is not included. Entrance fees are $15 per person and $30 per family. A receipt is good for one week.

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